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AP trained journalist, writer. Extensive international  experience.  Highly experienced in cross-cultural content marketing and  branding strategy.  Inspired wanderer following the sounds of music and the scent of flowers. Taking the road less traveled, where my heart leads.

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Cassandra Speaks

The Biden Administration managed to push a partial infrastructure bill through. Whoo-hoo? It is being lauded by supporters as if it were the platform of The American Great Resurrection. The second coming of America so to speak. A new climax of debt we can never pay except with blood and tears. Add the incoming taxes we will bear for this, to our own personal debts and expect a wave of bankruptcies by spring. Banks we bailed out in 2008, (Bank of America, Citigroup…

Writer In A Matrix World

We live in Orwellian times. Threading moments of distractive destruction. A world where words have lost all anchored, historical meaning. Un-referenced. Re-invented and abused without contextual framing. Bleached etymology. Roots, uprooted. Debate smothered by un-defined concepts. Communication censored. Writers consigned to the bonfire of political correctness and predatory marketing. Freedom of expression sold as a commodity of popularity. Civility being shattered by the hammers of righteousn

For The Good Of All

Social media, framed by Facebook, is front stage on the privacy debate again. Money vs our personal data. Which is ironic. Americans as a culture, legally sell everything except their own body parts. Senators like Ron Wyden (OR.Dem) have been sloughing in about Section 230 (The Communications Decency Act) and a need to “starve Facebook out of the data that fuels its predatory behaviour”. It all sounds great trumped from a political pulpit. The devil is always in the details. Who owns, “us” via

An Opinion on Journalism

In 2010 we were decrying the demise of journalism. It was being dragged down, along with books, by a doomsday prediction on the “death” of the printed page. As if ink itself was the sole body of real journalism. Maybe they were right. I am a journalist. Old style, dinosaur version 0.1. And, this article is an opinion. My opinion. I am drawing a line in the quicksand of current perception on the true nature of journalism. As the digital age devours our sensibilities and attention span, the lies

A Corner View

Standing on a street corner brings insightful opportunities for observing behaviours and attitudes of passing people. What is it about the street “corner” that invites complex personal exchange between strangers? Yes, I hear your smothered laughter at the obvious innuendo of prostitution and drugs. Agreed, assumptions lead to funny, immediate interpretations. Street corners are a classic icon of forbidden fruits. When did street corners acquire their notoriety? Prov.7:10-23 has a biblical refe

The Knock On The Door

The house is quiet. That gentle silence of early morning nudges me into my day. Last nights’ dishes faintly clink under my hands in the warm soapy water. Tux and Sasha, the cats, mewing as they curl around my feet. “Let us out”. I pat Tux's butting head before opening the kitchen door. Satisfied, they roll out, kittenish, onto the warming bricks. 7:00am and the morning coolness is already fading fast. The sun flexes into the house, reaching across the room. Time to hustle for breakfast. Kris is

Healthy or High, The Cannabis Conundrum

It seems wherever you turn today the buzzwords “THC” and “CBD” are trying to capture your attention and, dollars. From coffee infusions, migraine tinctures and doggy biscuits to a fast food Carls Junior burger (healthy junk food?!) it’s creeping and seeping into everything. As media hype grabs social media and the legal use of cannabis products spreads across the US and international markets, people are becoming more aware of and curious about their healthy or high options and specific product

The Luxurious Politics of Toilet Paper

Geographically and socially, toilet paper is the preferred sanitary method across Europe, USA and several E Asian countries. Most Southeast Asian and Southern European countries prefer a blast of water to do the dirty deed. Not a new concept, toilet paper was first used in China circa 7th century. Other items used included wool, lace and, hemp. If all else failed, leaves and corncobs were the backup cleaners. Yes, that would be an “Ouch” event! Anybody who has camped out for long, has possibly

Wine is For Why

Spicy coffee. Ah, the warm scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and chilli. Deeply inhaled every morning it kicks my ass through the daylit hours. My addiction of choice to accomplish the practical tasks that uphold my pretence of normality. My parameter for a 9-5 world. Now, evening is slipping in. The days grow shorter. The earth turns even as the pandemic sweeps on. Shops close earlier now. The new normal. Lack of staff or, inventory. A last struggle to keep the doors open. People have slowed, newly a
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Little Big Girl

Aysea turned 11 today. It felt so much bigger than being just 10 and much bigger than 9. This was her second birthday here. She stood up on her bed and grabbed the bars, standing on her toes to see out. Was the world different today, now that she was 11? Nothing had changed outside. She could see the dust swirling as cars and trucks passed on the dirt road in the distance. Where did they all go, what did they do, those trucks and cars? Below her window, a guard was secretly smoking. He didn't kn

Pursuit of Happiness

Moving forward through the pandemic as a country and world, I find myself contemplating the concept of “happiness”. How it is defined in our rapidly changing world. Is it a personal ephemeral state and can it be endured beyond this moment or day? As an “old” journalist, I support the importance of observing and sharing events and issues that affect our present and future lives. The fundamental journalism belief that factual knowledge is a compelling tool. Facts are powerful accelerators for cha

Writing In A Matrix World

We live in Orwellian times. Threading moments of distractive destruction. A world where words have lost anchored meaning. Un-referenced. Re-invented and abused without contextual framing. Bleached etymology. Roots, uprooted. Debate smothered. Communication censored. Writers, consigned to the bonfire of political correctness and predatory marketing. Civility shattered by hammers of righteousness leaving no space for thoughtful pauses or, the opening of alternate doors. We live a language of emo

The Politics of Hope

Early last week the CDC issued their 3 Phase guidelines to “Open Up America Again”. After being submitted to the White House for release it is now, according to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, undergoing review and editing. It is unclear if the final, official document will be a Federal mandate or another political imperative to ‘open” the economy at all costs without legal and cohesive safety directives. The administrations…

Afghanistan: An Inconvenient Space

I am a journalist. We are supposed to be neutral. But, this feels personal. Journalists are fast becoming a species on the endangered list. Truth is inconvenient. Sometimes, the world demands we howl at the moon. Hearts screaming out to breach the distance of miles and trivial priorities. A cry seeking to engage in the night. Souls searching for light and truth in blanketed, darkening skies. Kabul has fallen. It is not the first time, it may not be the last.. This time, we will all carry the
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