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Investigative journalist and photographer. Karin writes from a human perspective about politics, economics and culture. Extensive experience across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

All Lives Matter: An American Holocaust

On May 25th, 2020, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin crushed his knee on the neck of George Floyd killing him, as the public stood by filming. 9 minutes/ 29 seconds that encapsulated the violent threads that weave the social fabric of America.

9 minutes/29 seconds that set the stage for the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement. A soul-deep howl for social justice and equitable change. For Black Americans, their personal history of slavery, abuse, and racial discrimination was fin

What is BRICS and Can I Eat It?

It’s hard work staying updated on generational texting. Some days, I am reduced to a simple LOL or TL. Which for me, means, I saw it and have zilch time to engage. Seriously, acronyms are out of control. Every industry and country hogs their own and every generation is gleefully creating new ones to confuse phone-stalking parents and/or older siblings. CEO, AML, IRA, AMEX, IDK. I miss real, spelled-out words and complete sentences. They let you read between the lines and make general assumptions

Israel –More Than A Political Reckoning

Day 3 of a “surprise attack” on Israel and on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023, Israel formally declared war on Hamas aka Palestine.

Months of bickering between Israel’s Netanyahu government and the US have been abnormally tense and highly unusual for these traditional allies. A rift seeming to accelerate after an earlier fallout between the US and Saudi Arabia. A shell game of global allies and alignments changing by the day.

Make no mistake, this is a war. Openly in Ukraine and now, Israel. They are not

A Call To Action – Liluye | by and for people with Great Spirit

Historically, in addition to immediate loss of life, wars are associated with an increased vulnerability to human trafficking. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), there is a clear correlation between conflicts and human trafficking, with conflict-affected regions experiencing dramatically increased instances of trafficking. UNICEF reports that children and women in conflict zones are particularly targeted. An estimated 28 million children are forcibly displaced due to globa

Student Debt: Show Me The Money —

Yet another “sky is falling” averted. Chicken Little is totally strung out these days. Dear NCC send support. Yes chickens have a Council. The National Chicken Council Broilers continue the brave fight for egg autonomy, free ranging and marijuana cards. It’s a political cook-off. Articles by: Karin vonkrenner (Journalist)

Yet another “sky is falling” averted. Chicken Little is totally strung out these days. Dear NCC send support. Yes chickens have a Council. The National Chicken Council Broiler


In Atlanta, Georgia a very peculiar battle broils. It has nothing and everything, to do with the heat wave frying everyone’s brains. Mind you, extreme weather has nothing to do with any climate crisis. And, the world is flat. Just saying.

At first glance, It could be assumed all the ruckus revolves around a proposed construction for the “Atlanta Public Safety Training Center” . Public Safety. Training. Sounds great, what’s wrong with that!

As an Original journalists (yes, some of us Are as old

Discover the Fascinating World of German Politics

Willkommen to Germany, your new home! With many cultural and political layers to learn, your new country can be an exciting and challenging roller coaster of experiences. Take advantage of the beer and wine culture; they can remove the pressure of the more puzzling aspects, such as the political system. Take a sip, relax, and let’s explore together!

Some baseline knowledge of the German political system and its political parties will offer helpful insight into both your local community and Germ

2023 Past to Present — WOMENZ STRAIGHT TALK

“Perception of both time and space, is deeply shaded by our cultural practices. It organizes, defines, and rules us. But what is it really?

It’s 6:00am and I stumble, crusty and crinkled toward the kitchen and coffee. It’s that “time”. Despite an ear jangling 30 minutes of testing all alarm sound options on my phone, my “gentle morning” tinkle still ruthlessly jars me from a huddled, winter slumber. Rocketing from dreams to reality. An alarm is an alarm however gentle the chime. Shakespeare had

Ukraine: Part III –The Sky Is Falling

Four weeks in, the loss of civilian lives and the massive destruction of Ukrainian cities continues. Civilian refugees continue to flow over the borders of neighboring Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova.

On March 16th, US President Biden added more fuel to the fire. Publicly stating Putin is a “war criminal, thug and murderous dictator” leaves little room for open diplomacy or, back-channel solutions. Name-calling is reminiscent of the Trump era. It did not lay the grounds for diplomacy then

Ukraine: The Opening Move

In the early hours of Wednesday, Russia finally made its opening ploy. Europe will be the first chessboard played in the initial moves in this global game. Putin came in with strong combination play. He knows his chess and has played this manoeuvre before. Russia tested the West’s resolve when it annexed the Crimea with a mere slap on the wrist from the world. Crimea finally showing its true value for Russian forces entering the Ukraine. History has a nasty habit of repeating.

The Ukraine is an


In this prolonged post-pandemic world, we continue to be globally equalized by economic trauma and an accelerating climate crisis. Wildfires, floods and boiling seas have even the most dedicated and fanatic deniers scratching their bald heads. They can’t tweet faster than the evacuation levels rising for their towns. This could an ISSUE. In my early Twittering days, I learned writing in “caps” is online shouting. It’s rude. Oops! Didn’t mean to wake you, but HAVE YOU SMELLED THE COFFEE? Like, re

In God We Trust: Roe vs Wade

As the Roe vs Wade decision and public prayer slice across the US as the Voice of God, the ghosts of our Founding Fathers are scrambling for some old-fashioned spirits while shaking their spectral heads. In common with God, their names are routinely being used “in vain” and with considerable Pride. A proverbial “Deadly Sin”. Obviously, none of them can add their two cents to the conversation due to a short-sighted lack of an internet connection.

The concept of 7 Deadly Sins predates formal Chri

Human Trafficking: Is It a Crime? – Liluye Blog | By and for People with Great Spirit

The value of a trafficked life is in the hands of current market trends, not unlike Wall Street stock shares. The two have a lot in common. Big business opportunities and calculable profit margins. An early 2014 report estimated illegal profits from human trafficking/slavery to be over 150 billion per year. Add eight years, plus an economic crisis, and “profits in these shares” have more than doubled.

We must, in understanding this dark market acknowledge that on both sides of the fence, the mo

Bot Thought

Who do you like? Who do you follow? This is important stuff. These days, doing social media is a full-time occupation. It requires Olympian level finger dexterity and a splintered attention refracting like a conflict diamond. And, Sharing. The most powerful weapon in our social media arsenal. With it we can start a political movement for change. We can start a war. Every purchase, every “like” or “follow” carries a personal responsibility. Flicks releasing blood to wash the feet of our new gods.

Don’t Look Up

In December of 2021, Netflix gave us an inspired Christmas present. A movie. Directed by Adam Mckay and littered with stars including; Leonardo DeCaprio, Cate Blanchette, and Meryl Streep. “Don’t Look Up” was a timely and dark commentary on politics, society, and the desperate refusal to accept reality in the face of facts. The movie briefly streaked across the Netflix menu before vanishing like a night comet. It hit too close to the bone and, home.

On February 28th, the UN released a scientifi

Ukraine: Re-Mapping Europe

Ukrainians woke up on February 23th to an exploding invasion of their country on three sides. Blasts were recorded in the cities of Odessa, Mariupol and Odessa. Russia had launched direct missiles at Kyiv while long-range artillery hit the north-eastern city of Kharkiv. Citizens began fleeing the country as others took to street-by-street guerrilla warfare.

And, the West stood by, again. An eerie repeat of February 2014 when Russia invaded and annexed the Crimean Peninsula. For that manoeuvre,

Writer In A Matrix World

We live in Orwellian times. Threading moments of distractive destruction. A world where words have lost all anchored, historical meaning. Un-referenced. Re-invented and abused without contextual framing. Bleached etymology. Roots, uprooted. Debate smothered by un-defined concepts. Communication censored. Writers consigned to the bonfire of political correctness and predatory marketing. Freedom of expression sold as a commodity of popularity.

Civility being shattered by the hammers of righteousn

For The Good Of All

Social media, framed by Facebook, is front stage on the privacy debate again. Money vs our personal data. Which is ironic. Americans as a culture, legally sell everything except their own body parts. Senators like Ron Wyden (OR.Dem) have been sloughing in about Section 230 (The Communications Decency Act) and a need to “starve Facebook out of the data that fuels its predatory behaviour”. It all sounds great trumped from a political pulpit. The devil is always in the details.

Who owns, “us” via
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